Sunday, March 24, 2024

World Records for Overclocking Obscure Hardware Combinations

I gathered four LGA775 mobo's - 3 from Craigslist and 1 from eBay. I also gathered a few CPU's from my local PC recycler (RE-PC in Seattle) and eBay. All of these parts are dirt cheap so I won't be heartbroken if they die.

For my GPU I pulled my 3080 out of my daily gaming rig. So I set out to get world records with the oldest CPUs that would run Windows 10 and a modern GPU.

My first rig was an Intel confidential / engineering sample QX6700. I put this under a modern Zalmann cooler - one of the only ones I could find with LGA775. For some reason this CPU would not go above 3.2ghz. I am pretty sure it was the CPU and not the mobo - no matter what FSB or multiplier I gave it, it wouldn't top 3.2ghz.

I paired this with 8gb of DDR2-800 ram and hilariously, an NVMe drive on the other PCIe slot.

I got a TimeSpy overall score of 4661. The graphics scores were fine but the CPU scores were understandably abysmal. But this is the world record for the combination of QX6700 + RTX 3080 - because nobody has submitted benchmarks for this combo.

dylanrush`s 3DMark - Time Spy score: 4661 marks with a GeForce RTX 3080 (320bit)

At almost 20 years old, the QX6700 was very snappy, especially with a modern SSD. I really think it would perform fine for a person just doing office work and internet browsing.  


The Pentium D 805 was my first real overclocking chip. Unfortunately I couldn't get this to properly boot into Windows 10. So I put it away for another day. I also had a Pentium D 945. As far as I know, this is the oldest chip that will possibly boot into Windows 10.

I put this chip between a ASUS P5W Deluxe (Intel 975X chipset) and a new Raidmax 240mm AIO cooler. The GPU was again my 3080. This time around I procured some 1066mhz DDR2 RAM from Corsair.

With voltages in the rather extreme range (1.65v CPU, I think 1.7v FSB and 1.5v NB), I was able to get the CPU up to 4.9 ghz (!), stable enough to run a benchmark.

Time Spy didn't run on this chip - probably lacking some instructions. Fire Strike did, though. I have the lowest Fire Strike benchmark ever submitted for a 3080. But again I have the world record, this time for the combination of Pentium D 945 + RTX 3080. I truly think I may be the first person to ever combine this CPU and GPU. I also might be running the fastest Pentium D in the world right now.


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