Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pressing The Button

I finished Constructing The Button. I set out to press The Button in the most epic way possible.  The result kind of looks like a doomsday device.

If you haven't heard of The Button, it's a social experiment and ongoing April Fools gag hosted on Reddit.

From the announcement:
The timer will count down from 60 seconds. If the button is pressed the timer will reset to 60 seconds and continue counting down. Only users logged into accounts created before 2015-04-01 can press the button.
You may only press the button once.
We can’t tell you what to do from here on out. The choice is yours.

Here's a video of the device in action; live footage of me pressing The Button:

It shows my flair switching from Not Pressed to 48s.

Here is the finished project, using a handy enclosure from Radioshack:

To create the actual button, I took apart an aging USB mouse:

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